Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holy Crap I Have a Blog

Well whaddyaknow. I have a blog. Oops. SORRY!!!!

Long story short I'm in Alaska now. We're semi-settled, and the shop is doing, well.......I have stuff listed. ;) It's going to be a little harder than I thought to swing back into things.

For one, Alaska is BEAUTIFUL! I want to get out of the house as much as possible and be out in nature, which is very unlike me, but hey, if you were here, you'd want to be outside too!!

^See what I mean? GORGEOUS!

Aaaaaanywho, I am trying to network to possibly get my jewelry into some sort of gift shop or salon, but I'm not able to leave the house very often. It's hard to be taken seriously when you're toting three little kids at the same time.

On a personal note, my oldest will start FIRST grade in two months!! I feel old. I seriously thought she just started school, and here she is already in first grade.

She's starting to take interest in my jewelry designing, and "approves" of certain designs. She's really just trying to blow up my ego :) I think I'll take it, lol.

And of course, for the promo bit, I'm turning 25 tomorrow and am running a 25% off sale on Etsy and on Facebook until Saturday, June 26th. Great time to get the patriotic pieces I have listed in time for the 4th!

I promise, I will TRY to update this more often, although you're more than welcome to berate me for waiting so long. I'm a horrible blogger!

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