Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm really wanting to go in a new direction with my jewelry. I still want to do lanyards and such, but I want them a bit.....more sophisticated. After all, I *am* 25 now. (Ha......ha.)

But seriously, I am really liking the Swarovski crystals still (my mother knows that anything with Swarovski in the name is good in my book), and I really have a new-found fascination with gemstones.

I want to go into more sterling, gold-fill, etc........in a nutshell, higher end pieces. But still unique. I have been pondering about what makes my jewelry "Erica", and it's proving to be harder than I thought it would be. I was told to do what I love.....but I love making all my pieces. What a conundrum!

Sooooo....what would you like to see coming from my shop? What current pieces do you like? Which ones don't you like? Honest opinions are valuable; I think of it as market research.


  1. Oh Erica you've asked such an open ended question because each person is so unique, so different. We each have our likes and our dislikes. You could ask a 100 people that question and get 100 different answers. To "be" Erica inspired jewelry it has to be what you are drawn to and that may require playing around with different designs, sizes and shapes of beads, different color combos. Thinking outside of your box of what feels comfortable until you hit upon things that you are suddenly very attracted to...you then will have an "Ah-Ha!" moment and know it's right for you and the Erica line of jewelry. You've got good taste and a great eye in jewelry design and I'm positive your next step in this direction will be a successful one.

  2. *sigh*....I know I know :)

    I suppose it would help if I knew who *I* was to begin with, then I would know what to project into my pieces, eh?

    Narrowing down things seems to be my biggest problem, so I figure if I can get a few opinions it would help that number grow (shrink?) smaller....not as many choices that way. Ahhhhhhh if only it were that simple!

    Thank you very much for the compliment, it is always wonderful to hear that others enjoy what I make-does wonders for the confidence!

  3. Almost Precious had a very good response to this. Look deep inside and find you...find you like I told you I know you. ;-D And I have something to tell you....I went looking in the jewelry department at Kohl's the other day (I know - it almost felt blasphemous!) and found a rack that I just circled & circled, thinking "Oooooooo!" - and "Erica would *love* these! And could make them!" - and then I looked at the top of the rack...they were ALL SWAROVSKI! :-D

  4. Oh I do the same thing too, just because I make it doesn't mean I won't buy it! I actually bought a really cute ring at Sears the other day....but of course, was drawn to the one that had the Swarovski ;)