Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Woes......

Well, the hubbs turns a quarter of a century on Friday....woohoo!

I had the most AWESOMEST (I know, not a real word, but really, it's cool!!) and just straight up kick arse birthday present in mind, and was well on my way to getting it......then life happened. We've got three kids; it happens.

Still, I am MAJORLY bummed. We have had our rough patches, and our doubts and fears and confusion, but he's still my husband and I've NEVER been able to do anything big for him for his birthday or Christmas. So when I found out one of his favorite bands was playing here in town ON HIS BIRTHDAY, I was like PERRRRRRRFECT!!!!

But, school's about to start, he's going out to the field for a week in a few weeks, our oldest and youngest have birthdays coming up soon, and etc etc....and I just can't swing it with what we've got. :((

I'm having a sale in the store to try and make the rest of the money we'd need in order to get tickets, or if all else fails, at least throw him a cookout with his friends up here. I know he'd like just hanging out with friends over burgers and beer (but we have no burgers......or beer lol) but I was *SO* looking forward to being able to get him tickets to see this concert (Five Finger Death Punch...yeah, we're a rock family).

I know, I know, I'm whining. I'm not trying to play to "sob" story, but I really am disappointed. I feel so bad too, even though I know I probably shouldn't. But, he's my husband and I want him to be not just happy, but thrilled.

So, if you're interested, I'm offering 20% off all orders over $30 (before shipping), and free shipping and the 20% discount on all orders over $50. Want to buy a bunch of the supply listings? Make me an offer, I'm just trying to get that stock moved!

Take a look, what can it hurt? ;)

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